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Newsletter 1st Quarter 2020, Issue No. 31

 We sincerely hope that you and your loved ones will be spared from the coronavirus and that it will be under control sooner rather than later. Stay safe and keep washing your hands! 

A warm welcome to our new members since the last newsletter: 

Brian Delaney – Life Member Tracie Metzner 

Noelle & Richard Divozzo Jeanne & Tom Pettenato 

Deana Glatz – Life Member 

And a warm welcome to our returning members. Our membership as of the end of March is at 124 members. 

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Sadly, Goldfield’s 117th Birthday Party, originally planned for October, is cancelled due to Covid-19.  We will be back next year with a bigger, better bash!

Poker Walk August 3 & 4, 2019

Hosted by The Goldfield Historical Society

This year’s poker walk, held during Goldfield Days, was a great success attracting 44 hopeful “gamblers” willing to ante up a donation of $15 to the Society to walk about the town visiting and enjoying the various events.  The weather was good and hopes were high.  Entrants had two days to collect their 10 poker cards and bring them back – unopened -to the Historical Society Booth.   Out of the ten cards, they picked the five best.  Alas, we can’t all win…but here are the results for the top three hands:

Whitney Phillips Best Poker Hand 2019

Whitney Phillips brought in the winning hand:  4 Kings with a Queen High which won her $300 in cash.

Laurie Sundeen was close behind the first place winner with 4 Kings with a 9 High for a second place win and $150 in prize money.   Laurie generously donated her winnings to the Goldfield High School building fund.   Thank you, Laurie!

Heather Smith 3rd Best Poker Hand 2019

The third place hand was 4 Queens with a 10 High brought in by Heather Smith and won her $50.

So many people to thank for our success!

Our “gamblers”….  so hopeful and so much fun.

All the Goldfield Businesses and historical places that cheerfully supplied poker cards and initialed entrant forms.

Our card-shark, Brenda Gleffe who opened a LOT of envelopes and helped players select their best hand.

Volunteers who helped man the  booth during the two day event:   Joan Sieber, Richard and Edie Koepnick, Sandy Beltz.

Steve Lauritzen who donated beautiful,  handmade  picture-boxes.   These charming boxes were given away as gifts to those generous folks who donated to our projects.

ALL the wonderful folks who stopped by to visit.

Our generous sponsor, BEST IN THE DESERT RACING ASSOCIATION, for donating the prize money.  We could not hold this popular event without them.

The Goldfield Historical Society thanks you ALL!

The community center was the site for Goldfield’s 116th Birthday Party held Saturday, October 19, 2019.

Lots of sunshine, cake, punch and interested folks made this a wonderful social event.

The Society served lots of decadent chocolate and lemon cake as well as cookies by the dozen along with our special once-a-year birthday punch.  All the goodies were donated and the Historical Society gives you all a huge shout-out. The cakes were works of art and the cookies delectable.


Signs on both ends of town invited travelers to stop for a while and enjoy cake and hospitality.  Volunteers came early to help set up the event.  Our visitors came from California, Washington, Oregon, North Carolina, Utah, Canada, Australia and The Philippines as well as local folks and fellow Nevadans.   In the afternoon we were surprised and thrilled by a visit from a Las Vegas Boy Scout Troop .   They were such a charming, courteous group of young fellows.  We served a lot of cake.

Folks in period clothes strolled the sidewalk visiting with passersby.  A beautiful 1930 Pierce-Arrow was on display for all to admire courtesy of Society Members Ben and Juanita Colvin.

Our railroad conductor, Jim Price, checks the time on his pocket watch  for these visitors. It was a wonderful day and we thank everyone who helped make it happen.

Past Events

Results of the two events hosted by the Goldfield Historical Society during Goldfield Days, 2018

The Poker Walk, hosted by the Society during Goldfield Days went very well.  The prize money was bankrolled by BEST IN THE DESERT RACING ASSOCIATION based in Las Vegas.  We can’t thank them enough for their generous donation to our event!  The booth was manned by volunteer Brenda Gleffe for two long, hot days with welcome breaks provided by Sandy Beltz. Thank you ladies!  Thirty two poker players signed up and they had their work cut out for them with twelve different stops around town for cards.  The players brought their sealed envelopes back to the booth and picked the best hand.  At the end of the two day event the results were in:

The Top Hand…  Deanna Robinson took home the top prize of  $300 with  5 of-a-kind… all 10’s!!!  Unfortunately she fled before we get a photo.

Second Best Hand…  Straight Flush 8, 9, 10, J, Q of Hearts brought in by Leroy Wood.  He collected $150.  Looking mighty happy in photo at right…

Third Best Hand… Vicky Johnson (below) took away $50 with 4 of a kind … all 8’s with a Q High.

Now for The Rest of the Story…

Later in the day, after all was said, done and awarded we discovered, to our horror, that the third and fourth spots had been inadvertently switched.  The third highest hand was actually another straight flush…3, 4, 5, 6, 7 of Clubs brought in by Dan Sokera.  He was contacted. We explained the error and apologized (humbly) and requested an address to send his rightful winnings.  Mr. Sokera was forgiving and very gracious… said he had such a nice time during the walk that he would forego the cash and we could consider it a donation to our Society.  We thank him for his understanding, kindness and generosity!

Our second event, The White Elephant Hunt also went well.

Although we only sent out eight outback  adventures, our hardy participants reported they enjoyed the sun and dust as well as the hunt.   These are folks who love to load up their GPS  units and hit the back roads.  And, they all accepted their prizes with good humor!  White Elephant gifts are interesting to say the least.

Once again it was the Payne Family (photo at right) of Goldfield who spent quality time searching  thru the back county during the two day event.  Trekking the desert roads on their ATV’s is a way of life for this family!

The booth was staffed by Edie Koepnick with the help of members, Stewart Luce and Joan Sieber.   Stewart is a frequent contributor to this website, with interesting stories of Goldfield old-time movers and shakers.   But, Joan was definitely the best dressed.     We thank all our participants and the folks who just stopped by to visit for making our events a success.

The GPS Challenge for 2017, held in August during Goldfield Days, was well received. Read more here…

The 2016 GPS Challenge held during Goldfield days is over and the dust has settled. Check out how it all went here…

Goldfield’s Birthday Party a Success!

Saturday, October 20, 2018, turned out to be a gorgeous, warm autumn day – perfect for celebrating Goldfield’s 115th Birthday. Signs along the highway on both ends of town alerted travelers of free cake and punch up ahead!  Members John Ekman and Ruth Lee donned period dress and stood outside our community center waving cheerfully to drivers.

Inside, local folk and curious travelers were treated to cake and punch.  The cake was a beauty… three layers of scrumptious carrot cake created by Carolyn Dyson who also prepared two sugar-free lemon Bundt cakes for our folks that have to forego the sugar.  The punch was fruity with a nice fizz and was enjoyed to the last drop. According to the signatures in our Birthday Card, the Society served 80+ guests.

Our visiting travelers came from many places. We had folks from California, Utah, New York, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Idaho as well as a twosome from Chile and a lovely young family from Paris, France.  We were thrilled to have them stop and join us.

Along with cake, we served up a bit of history as well.  In our exhibit, the photo on the left is Alva Myers who is considered “The Father of Goldfield”. The other photo shows Virgil Earp at far right supervising high stakes gaming in Goldfield in 1905.

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