Bullfrog Goldfield Railroad Yard Display Project

Just Working on the Railroad…

The Society was thrilled to acquire 2 boxcars to add to the Bullfrog Goldfield Railroad Yard display across the street from the Santa Fe Saloon on Fifth Avenue in Goldfield.  However, volunteers needed to lay some new track in order to move the engine forward and make room for the cars… no easy job.

There was a whole lot of measuring, shoveling, sweating, sweeping, wrenching and bolting going on.

This engine was given to the Society by the California Railroad Museum in Sacramento and never actually ran on any of our railway lines. However, this engine looks a little like a Baldwin side tank engine used on the Goldfield Consolidated Mines RR during the boom years.


Our boxcars safely back home on the new tracks.

The boxcars were rescued from a storage yard in Fernley, NV.  These two cars were actually a part of our history and ran on the local rail lines.  They were moved with the help of our friends at Central Nevada Museum in Tonopah. The cars are currently receiving a new coat of paint as weather permits.  We will be updating the project as it progresses.  This display site is Number 130 in the Goldfield Walking Tour Booklet.

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