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2nd Quarter 2016, Issue No. 16

We want to thank all of our returning members for sending in their dues in a timely manner and a warm welcome to our new members. The Society met three times since the last issue.

Election – The annual election of Board officers was held at the January meeting. The current officers are willing to serve for another year. The officers are: John Ekman, President; Dominic Pappalardo, Vice President; Edie Koepnick, Secretary; Lisa Pappalardo, Treasurer; Larry Bennett, Director. A big thank you to all for your efforts this past year and for agreeing to continue the fine work that you have done.

Desk Donation
– The school desks have arrived! One of our members, Glenn Praiss provided the transportation of the donated desks from the Fourth Ward School Museum in Virginia City, NV. Thank you so much Glenn. Edie & Richard Koepnick were also involved in arranging the move and we thank you as well. As you can see, they have been set up in the designated school room. As reported in the last issue, we are setting up one of the rooms in the Goldfield High School as a period class room. The next effort is to get the venetian blinds cleaned and restrung. There are five blinds needed to complete the room at an approximate cost of $175 each. We also need to replace the glass in several of the windows. A contact in Tonopah has agreed to assist with this effort. Continue reading here...

(Photo provided by Jim Price )

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Up Coming Events

Oct 22, 2016  Goldfields 113th Birthday Bash featuring Free Cake  

Historical Society Meetings

Regular Historical Society meetings are scheduled for the second Monday of each month (except December) at 7:00 pm in the Chamber of Commerce building in Goldfield, Nevada.

Check this site for any changes or contact us by e-mail.  Everyone is invited to attend.

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If you have an interest in research of the history or genealogy of Esmeralda County please contact the Central Nevada Museum at

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