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Anybody remember Brad Dexter?  (Alias Harry Luck)

Any fan of western movies undoubtedly remembers the original version of The Magnificent Seven.   All those dashing gunslingers.    Remember the character, Harry Luck?  He was the most mercenary one in the group – more interested in gold than saving a village from a mad Mexican outlaw.  If you recall, he left the group before the big fight only to return…and die in the final battle.  That was Brad Dexter.

Now, for the rest of the Story…   Brad Dexter was born Boris Michel Soso on April 9, 1917 in Goldfield, Nevada.  His family immigrated from Serbia to the United States and ended up in Nevada.  His most famous (and only quote) “I’m the one from The Magnificent Seven nobody remembers.”

He racked up a lot of credits in movies and TV playing villains.  However, apparently, he was easygoing and friendly in real life.

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